Join our ONLINE FITFAM. We offer online programs that will leave you covered in sweat anywhere around the world.

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(Billed every 4 weeks.)

⚙️ FIT FACTORY -Online program

📲  3 leveled workout options a day straight to your phone

🧘🏼‍♀️  unlimited access to AB factory videos

👩🏼‍💻 Private member group for support and accountability

🏃🏼‍♀️  Access to your coach just a click away

⚙️  Fun prizes and social media challenges




(One time charge)

Access to 10 new video workouts 💪🏼

Community group access with 20+ video workouts 🙀

Accountability and support from community and your coach! 🙌

Fun prizes and social media challenges ⚙️



"I’ve tried many different online plans over the years nobody does it like the Babineaux's. Holy smokes my abs were more sore in Chelsea's 10 min classes than they have been in hour long sessions at my gym. I don't live in west monroe, so I was soooo thankful when they added this option. Ive lost 15 lbs and couldn't be more exticed about it. 💕" Krystal

My favorite part- I do them at home and my teenage son does them WITH me. I love the workouts and the new found family time was the cherry on top! We even set up a little area in our garage. My family has never prioritized health before this and now we are all hooked. So happy I signed up. Thank you Bart!!!!!! - Grace

"Its so easy. for 10 min a day I sweat with Chelsea from my living room! These are the first classes Ive ever stuck to and she makes its so fun. I love the support group and the accountability they keep me on track. Her workouts kick my butt! So much fun." - Carra 


We can help. 


our  online  program

It can supplement your current routine, or a great starting point to working out.

With acess to THREE daily workouts straight to your phone.

We cover the beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

our workouts are famous for 


And we don't stop there-

we LOVE community. 

not only will you get access to the BEST programing in NELA...

You get acess to our private members facebook group.

and included in 10 new #AB FACTORY workouts with Chels each month.

The community the support- Its our way to include YOU in our FITFAM.

I’ve been doing CrossFit for 6 years at another location. I was in a training RUT and hopped into CFWM programing. WOW my fitness and my body changed after a couple weeks. Literally the BEST WORKOUTS ive ever done . 

"CFWM is incredible. The knowledge and passion of the owners/coaches is unparalleled. I live 5.5 hours away and they STILL managed to change my body in ways I never imagined. I am a former college athlete, so I’ve always been fit, but CFWM transformed my body in ways that traditional training never did. I’ve learned how and what to eat and after two kids, I feel and look better than I did in college. This place is a life changer." - Kelly Wright

Im local and I do it.

I live 10 min from the place but I love working out at home. With my schedule. I can never make it during class. But I still needed a trainer. I love Chelsea and Bart! They are actually making me ENJOY working out again.