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The Revolution of FITNESS.

A brief overview of CFWM ATHLETICS:


<<RR three and half years ago when we introduced CrossFit to the West Monroe marketplace, we dove head first into changing the fitness game as anyone around here knew it.

FF>> To the here and now...


We are excited expand the CFWM brand and welcome aboard an all new program..


Alright Ladies and Gents,

The wait is almost O-V-E-R.

Our New LEAN | BODIES™ Program will be debuting any day now!

First and foremost let us answer a few questions you may have:


LEAN | BODIES was designed by Kyle Kell (Co-Owner of OCCF) and Yours Truly, to promote longevity and healthy lifestyles, and we focus on just that.

Our unique programming designs workouts that blast fat while enhancing muscle tone.

We believe in quick and simple.The way fitness should be.

Our classes are 30 minutes of fat burning, muscle toning, circuit workouts.

We offer high intensity workouts that will leave you covered in sweat, and help chisel that body you have always wanted.

It was launched earlier this summer out in beautiful Newport Beach, California and now we are excited to bring it home to CFWM ATHLETICS (and change the game, again ;))



Is a 30 min fat burning class.

It is high intensity circuit training, to cut and tone.

so there is NO SUCH THING AS “I DON’T HAVE TIME…”- :)




We get it ....Lifting weights & CrossFit 5 to 7x a week isn't everyones cup of tea..

and sometimes all we yearn for, is a quick-light(-ish) sweat….

Lean|Bodies™ uses body weight movements to build endurance and muscle stamina.

Its perfect for those, looking to shed some fat, and sculpt out some lean muscle mass, without the impact or wear and tear of CrossFit.

-What does this mean for me a CrossFitter?


We just ask that you welcome all of our Lean|Bodies™ clients into our BOMB Fitness community with open arms and show them the CFWM way.

The program will OFFICIALLY launch OCT 10th.

We are running a WELCOME WEEK OCT 3rd-7th

DURING THIS WEEK (3rd-7th) We are welcoming ANYONE (INCLUDING YOU --DUH) to try the class FOR FREE.

So check it out.

Bring a friend.. you know that one that is SCARED TO DEATH, INTIMIDATED, “Too cool"' to try CrossFit…

this may JUST be a perfect fit for them..

Plus we promise it will leave you covered in sweat ;) Class times TBA... ASAP. Peace & LOVE. -CFWM TEAM

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