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  • Bart

Monday February 13th

You know what program works? what diet works?

You know what relationship works?


theres thousands of DIETS and WORKOUT regimes out there,

The one that "works" is the one YOU COMMIT to.

the one YOU STICK to, and ENJOY!

I could argue that most have their own benefits, depending on YOUR goals.

So stop making excuses and blaming others for not being where you want to be,

figure out what YOU want (most people want to look better naked, SO SAY it, WRITE it down)

make a PLAN to get it

and STICK to your plan.

Nobody got to where they currently are overnight.

Nor will you get to where you WANT to be overnight.

a SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE goal: get 1% better everyday.


Have a GREAT Week.


EMOM 10:

7 DLs + 7 box jumps

(you choose weight, should be HEAVY but UB)

(log weight, put in notes rounds completed)



50 cal row

40 BFB

30 hang squat cleans 95/65 (can you go UB?)

20 c2b or 20 pull-ups

10 hspu

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