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the beginning of year 5

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” ― Aristotle

As most of you know Saturday (Jan 7) marked the beginning of year 5 for CrossFit West Monroe. The past 4 years have truly been a blessing. As I sat down for my "15 minutes of silence" this morning I was overcome by a sense of GRATITUDE.

Not only to the the handful that have gone over and beyond in the past 4 years, but to every single person that has ever walked through the roll up doors of CFWM.

More than anything, Im grateful for the relationships this wonderful place has brought. Not only are so many of you CFWM Athletes, but also FRIENDS.

Outsiders will never realize the POWER of community until they've experience it first hand. The accountability, the security blanket and the support are unmatched.

Whether it be the WILD Women of the 5am crew that show up in sub 20º weather or the afternoon group that gets after it day in and day out, its an incredible "thing" to be a part of.

Now, to say getting to this point was easy, would be a flat out lie. But looking back, its been an incredible journey and every single interaction has gotten us to this point. We're constantly auditing and evaluating our community, our coaches and all of our systems to continue bringing you the the ABSOLUTE best fitness experience around.

As we grow and expand the CFWM Athletics brand in our new space, the addition of our new programs and all of the new smiling faces, I can't wait to see where the next 356 days take us. You have an incredible group of hard working, caring and ambitious FRIENDS to tackle all your goals with. Surround yourself with the RIGHT people, and the RIGHT things happen.

So cheers to 2017.

Safe to say...

Its gonna be a good year.


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