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Wednesday February 8th

"The person who FAILS the MOST usually WINS."


lets unpack that...

If you fail once, and fail big, and quit, you don't fail the most.

The game is over, you lose, you are a failure.

If you never fail, you're probably not taking many chances or you're extremely lucky..

BUT, if you succeed often enough to be given the privilege of failing next time,

then you're on the road to a series of failures.

fail, SUCCEED, fail, fail, SUCCEED.... you get the point.

Talk to successful people they're always eager to tell you stories of their failures...

The winning part?

You LEARN from each FAILURE."

-Poke the Box

We progress through struggle.

Theres WINNING and theres LEARNING.




2 RFT:

50 cal ROW

50 WBs

100 DUs


(if time allows)


-50 BOX STEP UPS 30/24

-50ea single arm RKBs

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