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Monday February 27th

"It takes a special humility to grasp that we know less even though

you know and grasp more and more....

With the slightest amount of accomplishment comes the pressure

to pretend we know more than we do...."

-Ego Is The Enemy

Stay hungry for knowledge

NEVER stop asking questions..



EMOM 30:

MIN 1: 12/8 cals AB or ski

MIN 2: 50 Double unders or 30 penguin taps or practice DU's for :40 seconds

MIN 3: 15/10 Perfect Pushups

MIN 4: 6 Power Cleans 185/125

MIN 5: 8-10 HSPU


(5 rounds)


Move around, breathe heavy but NOTHING crazy..

AB/SKI: should be a sprint.

DUBs: fine tuning or practice.

RKBs and Power Cleans: get the shoulders exhausted work technique on cleans preferably singles

HSPU, high skill gymnastics under fatigue

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