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Friday March 24th

The Open finale is upon us. 10 Rounds: 9 thrusters 95/65 Sc 65/45 35 double unders Sc singles (40:00 min cap) Warm up: Spend at least 10 minutes on a lacrosse ball. Roll out front/rear deltoids. Both shoulder blades, serratus. TAKE YOUR TIME. 90 thrusters and a WHOLE lot of jump roping you need those shoulders to be wide open. From there aerobic warm up: Spend :45 seconds on the rower -then- 15 lateral step ups 15 goblet squats :30 hs hold 15 KBs 15 pull-ups Returning to the rower for :45 between each movement. Once complete, begin barbell warm up: -Good mornings -back squats -strict press -front rack stretching + a few empty barbell thrusters. Begin adding weight, you shouldn't need many warm up thrusters. Once to your WOD weight run through a few rounds watching the clock feeing out your pacing. Go to fast, go to slow, see what each feels like. Competing a few rounds of this shouldn't wreck you. IF IT WILL, DON'T DO IT! 🤙🏽 enjoy! Non open athletes: Follow same warm up protocol Then proceed to this dandy: ME cals in 2:00 AB ( x3) accumulate : 1:00 dead hang: (regular /suppinated/ switch grip) 25 strict DB press while resting (FULL REST BETWEEN ROUNDS) 

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