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Tuesday April 11th

Often times you will hear your coaches say "SCALE APPROPRIATELY"

and often times even after hearing it many Athletes will not complete the given tasks in the

given amount of time....

When we refer to "SCALE APPROPRIATELY" this means a few things:

1. You must KNOW yourself as an athlete, (what you CAN and CANNOT do.)

2. You have identified the limiting factor in the workout. (i.e., i don't have pull-ups, how do I plan to scale them in accordance to todays WOD)

3. You have chosen a scaling option for the limiting factor, that:

a. gets you closer to NOT scaling that specific movement and

b. keeps you moving at a pace the workout demands for the intended stimulus.

Intelligent scaling is the quickest way to progress..

These workouts are not easy.

(If you think they are please let me know...)

As always...





in that order.

lets get it....


7x5 Front Squats

(Work to a HEAVY 5rep set, take a risk and make a Big jump on set 5 or 6)



1000m row (PR pace)

ME burpees (in remaining time)

*NO woulda shoulda coulda, ALL OUT 7 minutes of work.

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