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Wednesday May 3rd

We all understand what Rx in the gym means,

but whats "Rx" in your Life look like?

"Bart, What the hell are you talking about now...."

How do you treat people you come in contact with everyday? strangers?

Those that can DO NOTHING FOR YOU...

How do you treat your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, and/or parents?

All these relationships require nurturing/ time and most importantly EFFORT.

How are YOU as a worker? As an employee or as a boss?

Is "just showing up" enough for you?

Doing the bare minimum, sufficient in your book?

These are things that I hold myself to a higher standard on, MY Rx in daily life:

I make a point to treat my wife with the utmost respect,

Yes even in heated or tense situations

I make a point to invest in relationships that matter to me.....

and work, well you see what I do everyday.

12-16 hour work days don't matter because I LOVE what I do, and WHO I get to do it with...

So again, do you have Rx standards for your LIFE?

Answer that question-

or is everything in your life negotiable....

-and this is a resounding NO.

Raise YOUR standard

hold and value the important aspects of your life TIGHTLY...

Just a few thoughts to ponder ...

Lets do this....



(for MAX load, bar starts on the floor)

(minimal warm up so, START LIGHT!!!)




AB cals (Ladies; 15/12/6)

Row Cals

SKI cals

Power cleans 95/65

WBs 20/14

(22:00 cap)

*******DON'T FORGET *******

Yoga with MaryAnn 630pm.

bring a friend, its on us!


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