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Thursday May 4th

Happiness starts from within.

Be happy for/ with yourself FIRST, then spread some LOVE..

its TEAMWORK Thursday!

E3O3M: (Every 3:00 On the 3:00)

Both partner must Accumulate

Rx: 250/100 dubs+burpees

Sc: 600/75 singles+burpees


30:00 CAP

That gives each partner 5 rounds to work.

(You need to average a minimum of 50 dubs & 20 burpees each round to finish under the cap, Its doable.)


P1 starts they have 3:00 to begin accumulating 250/100 they can attempt this however they please.

at the 3:00 P1 will rest, P2 will begin in on accumulating 250/100.

at the 6:00 P2 will rest, P1 will begin their second round.....

at the 9:00 P2 will continue, P1 will rest..

so on and so forth.

the workout ends when both partners have accumulated 250/100 EACH.

CASH me OUTside:


again as a team, 1 KB, as heavy as possible.

when P1 breaks P2 begins,

you can break it up however you please

or you can hold on to it for all 100, then let your partner DO WORK.


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