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Tuesday May 9th

“Fortunately, obesity is not something people are born with.

Except for a few legitimate medical conditions (and it doesn’t apply to over 99% of people, so you probably can’t use it as an excuse), the only reason why people are obese is their

lack of self-discipline.

Controlling your weight is not optional – it’s mandatory if you want to become a self-disciplined person.

At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, you’re unlikely to achieve success in other areas of your life if you can’t deal with excess pounds.”


-“Daily Self-Discipline"

Were going SPARTAN Racing as a #TRIBE on JUNE 10th in Dallas:

Bring the kids or don't, but don't miss out!

heres the link:


in Teams of 2:


100/80 cal row

75 Hang squat clean 115/85

50 BFB

100/80 cal row

75 DLs

50 BFB

100/80 cal row

75 push jerks

50 BFB

(40:00 cap)

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