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Tuesday May 16th

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“What if you do achieve everything but find that nobody is impressed?

That’s the problem with letting your happiness be determined by things you can’t control.

It’s an insane risk.”

Control what you can.

Next time you want to complain, ask yourself how can I fix this?

If you can't move on.

If you can, get to work..

lets get it.


(yes I'm trying to have a catchy name for everyday ; )

in Teams of 2:

Run 1600m (alt every 200m, 4ea)

Row 2000m (alt every 500)

AB 4000m (alt every 1K)


10 Rounds:

4 ALT DB snatch 50/35

6 FR stationary lunges

8 Burpees

*The first part can be completed in any order; AB/row/run; Row/AB/run; etc..

*Part 2: you go, I go style. 5 rounds ea

P1 completes 4/6/8; P2 rest

P2 completes 4/6/8 P1 rest


Is it rest or rests or restes or rest or you get the point the other partner does not work.

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