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Monday May 22nd

We are a week out from MURPH..

Its no coincidence you've been training in the "MURPH" time domain a lot lately...

IF you've been showing up for Massacre Monday, you should be prepared.

IF you've been cherry picking, I hope you show up MEMORIAL DAY and challenge yourself.

If you don't know the story about MURPH, I highly encourage you to check it out..

Here is a clip from the movie LONE SURVIVOR (its a war scene, if you don't like it, don't watch it):

A lot of people outside of CrossFit don't understand why we commemorate fallen heroes with workouts.

Its no secret these workouts are HARD,

but compared to the real life issues, and turmoil throughout the world

our service members face on a daily basis,

Its a tiny gesture, a HUGE THANK YOU, to all past present and future.

The pain you feel in these workouts,

is minuscule to the pain these families feel for years to come.

Try to keep that in the back of your mind, when you want to quit.

When "your feet hurt"

When "Its too hot"

When "my hands tore...."

MURPH isn't about YOU, its not about ME its about THEM.


Cant wait.

Modified 2017 MURPH Regional WOD


Run tracks 3x


12 rounds:

4 HSPU or 8 HRPU

8 pull-ups or jumping

12 Air squats

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