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(lets try this again...)the OPEN is coming

Those of you new to CrossFit may not be aware of it, but we are less than 45 days away from the most fun time of year at CFWM Athletics.

I am talking about the CrossFit Open.

"The Open", as it is called, is a five-week worldwide test of fitness.

During those five weeks, every Thursday night CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro will announce a workout.

Then athletes worldwide will have until Monday evening to complete that workout in the presence of someone judging them, and then enter their scores online, on a worldwide leaderboard. (Think Zeplanner leader board x1000000)

The Open is designed to be accessible to all athletes, and for the past two years

has included an option for scaling workouts, (thus eliminating 99% of excuses world wide ; )

The Open is unique in sports because, CrossFit is the only sport where non-professionals will do the exact same work as the professionals.

This means for those five weeks you will be doing the exact same workouts as past and present CrossFit Games champions. The exact same workouts!

This is truly unique.

You may been a great high school football player player, and led the district in TDs, but you can’t compare yourself to NFL’ers based on the performance.

In the Open, The Fittest humans in the world will be doing the workouts in a CrossFit affiliate, just like you, in the presence of a judge… just like you!

They'll probably even get no rep’ped (at least once) just. like. you.

So, here are a few reasons you should participate in the Open:

1. You may regret not doing it.I have to admit, my first year we were not even offered the chance to participate. I had been CrossFitting for about 6 months at that time, it sure would be cool to see 6 years later how far I've come. BUT, you do have that opportunity. This was obviously before the scaling options were made available, so high level gymnastics and a host of other movements would have made my first year a humbling experience, the scaled option opens a whole avenue for EVERYONE to participate.

2. It REALLY is ALOT of FUN. The energy in the gym during the OPEN workouts is incredible. The COMMUNITY as a whole shines brighter than ever. Talking Strategy, talking pain and most importantly having a BLAST. The eagerness of thursday night to roll around and deliver the following weeks beat down, unmatchable. Then of course there is Jerry, talking smack (in ALL his gear) to anyone near and far.......

3. You get to be part of the WORLDWIDE CrossFit community, which in itself is pretty amazing. Nearly every nation and continent on Earth will be represented, doing the same WOD every week, enduring the same pain, cheering on their community. During the OPEN you realize that although you train at CrossFit West Monroe, there is a WORLDWIDE community of hundreds of thousands of people struggling through the same workouts as you.

Lets face it CrossFit offers us Fitness, but also a COMMUNITY unlike any traditional gym could imagine. We're here for one another, we cheer for one another, we root for one another, we celebrate each other and we pick up one another when one of us falls.

So, at only $20, there really is no reason not to sign up for the Open.

Registration starts Thursday, January 12, and the first workout, 17.1, will be announced on February 23.

Sign up and participate!

At CrossFit West Monroe we will use the Open to celebrate our own community, as well as the CrossFit community as a whole, and we will have fun throughout the five weeks.

Click here to learn more about the Open:

JAN 12 R

1000m row

50 cals AB

40 power snatch 75/55

30 burpees ov bar

20 ALT DB snatch 70/50

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