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Thursday April 20th

If you see Coach Travis tomorrow be sure to give him a big hug (or dudes, maybe a fist bump) He recently accepted a job in Baton Rouge, and is moving home this weekend!

Coach Travis (and his oly lifters) will be missed dearly!


in teams of 2:

Row 3000m (rotating every 500m)

300 DUbs (rotate every 50 dubs)

AB 10K (rotating every .5m) or SKI 3000m rotating every 250m

*TEAM WOD: remember you have a teammate, which mean you have a built in rest. When you're working, it should be a harder than normal push, cause, BUILT IN REST.

Try partnering with someone you've never partnered with, get uncomfortable. Push each other, lean on each other grind through it TOGETHER.


lets get it.

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