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Monday April 24th

“You can’t build a strong body in a few months, which makes it a perfect activity to add as one of your daily self-discipline building habits.

When you adhere to a specific routine for months or years on end and you start seeing the results, you can’t help but learn to respect the process. I

t’s when you switch from the event-oriented to the process-oriented life

when the magic happens.

-"Everyday Habits and Exercises to Build Self-Discipline"


Wednesday 630pm

MaryAnn-from Garden District Yoga-will host a free YOGA class for ALL CFWM'ers and friends, bring a friend, bring yo husband or wife girlfriend or boyfriend.... don't matter come get flex.....

again Wednesday 630pm.






Thrusters 95/65


(10:00 cap)


Coaches Choice


on the thrusters, the weight should be light enough to break AT MOST one time the set of 15.

If your breaking more than once the weight is too heavy.

The best in the world do this workout in right around 2:00. Yes thats 90-NINETY- reps in 120 seconds.

It SHOULD hurt.

You SHOULD have a metal taste in your mouth and yes

You MIGHT throw up.

Of course, thats only if you go to that dark place, and solely up to you.

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