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Thursday April 27th

“The happiness that arises from pleasure is highly unsustainable.

Once the pleasurable stimulus ceases, or if you habituate to it, then your happiness returns to your default set point.

Happiness that arises from "flow" is much more sustainable and you are far less likely to habituate to it.

Happiness arising from higher purpose, in contrast, is highly sustainable.”

-“Search Inside Yourself.”


KB FRONT RACK hold 3:00 70/53

in TEAMS of 2:


500m row or 1.0km AB

80 KBs 53/35

60 WBs 20/14

40 burpees

20 t2B


is to complete it as Rx,

this means find a partner that has the skill set necessary,

they HELP you where you can't perform Rx,

you HELP them where they can't perform Rx.

hence the word: T-E-A-M

Have fun!

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